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Patio Ideas For Your Garden in Milton Keynes

Porcelain Patio
Indian Sandstone
Riven Concrete Slabs

Get patio ideas from a local patio contractor in Milton Keynes today. Experts at turning patio ideas into reality at very affordable rates. Are you looking to replace your old patio or garden area in Milton Keynes and want some professional help with it? Why not call the patio specialists at BM Drives and Patios to schedule a free estimate from one of our patio designers.

We provide slabbing choices for a new patio that includes laying down Indian sandstone, porcelain slabbing for tiled patios and limestone patios. For people on a stricter budget, we recommend our patio paving or riven slabbing options to get the most value.

Along with new patios, we can create custom features such as adding in wooden sleepers, decorative walling, limestone and sandstone brick features and brick bordered garden pathways.

Read on below to see the different patio and gardens options we can provide you in Milton Keynes at unbeatable workmanship and prices.

Natural Stone Patios

Sandstone Slabbing
Limestone Slabbing
Porcelain Tiling

Natural stone patios are the most durable option for any patio or garden area. The most common type of natural stone patios are Indian sandstone slabbing, limestone slabbing and tiled porcelain patios.

Our patio designers can go through the different choices with you, help to design the area and give you samples that will help you to choose a colour scheme for your garden.

Concrete Riven Slabbing

One Sized Grey Riven
1 Sized Buff Riven
3 Sized Marshall Slabs

Where concrete slabbing lacks in durability and colour retention, it makes up for with value and laying choices. Available in a unlimited amount of colours with choices on smooth, riven or textured finishes for the slabbing.

Laid on a concrete bed, it provides an excellent choice for anyone on a stricter budget that wants to freshen up around their garden. Most common choices we see from customers are the imitation and riven slabbing in a buff, grey or charcoal colour.

Book A Free Patio Quotation To Discuss Your Patio Idea

Why not get a free estimate today for a slabbed patio, tiled patio or garden paving from the experts at BM Drives and Patios who provide an excellent patio service in Milton Keynes. They provide detailed and written quotations to ensure you get exactly what you agree with no hidden costs or surprises on top of the original cost. On top of that, all the patio work is covered by a 10 year guarantee.

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